a dear friend who will be deeply missed

Some Small Reminders of his Music (more to come)

At Steve's, 2003

Mowgli Band Poster
Scotland, circa 1977

Bruce was a masterfull bass player. He felt the music and spun poetic melodies under, around, and through a song. Some of the sweetest moments of my life were playing with him.

He recorded a number of songs in the late 1990s and into the 2000s using multitrack digital recordings of him playing guitar, bass, and programmed drum machines. He grew quite enamored with the possibilities.

Bruce's long involvement with music stretched back to his youth in Edinburgh Scotland. Many friends travelled the musical path with him, including his lifelong friend Colin Alison. Ultimately he decided that a career in music was not what he wanted.

The Early Years
A Remembrance by Alan Thomson
Recent Music

But his love and passion for music continued throughout his life. Many a Thursday evening in the San Francisco Bay Area found Bruce and his friends "making loud noise" from their souls.

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